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Jack Prewitt & Associates

Rebranding, sales support and tradeshow marketing strategy for a leader in luxury aircraft sales.

The Challenge

Businesses that sell premiere, high-end goods typically rely on word-of-mouth referrals from small, upper-class circles. At times, this can create a void in overall marketing of luxury and hospitality goods; consumers may not be able to easily find the necessary information to make an informed purchase. The private jet industry, for instance, is an incredibly fragmented niche market; many corporate decision makers seeking to purchase a private company jet don’t know where to start.

Jack Prewitt & Associates, world-class retailer of private jets, saw an opportunity to fill the void. Together with BrightBox Brand Marketing, they showcase their breadth and depth to new and existing markets, solidifying their position in the luxury market and enhancing their reputation among a high net-worth audience.

The Strategy
  • Assessed the market to determine the most advantageous long-term market position for the company
  • Developed a comprehensive brand identity through packaging, website, trade show, and print collateral
  • Designed and developed an effective website that lists all current inventory with targeted selling throughout to create a strategic selling tool
The Results
  • Positioned Jack Prewitt & Associates as a leader in the industry of private jet acquisitions
  • Developed a comprehensive brand identity through packaging, website, and print collateral ensuring a polished and professional appearance that appeals to corporations looking to acquire a private jet for their company
  • Established website as a go-to resource for current customers and prospects seeking to purchase a jet