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Ranch Hand

Brand mapping and sales development expands grill guard company’s market reach on a national level.

"Many clients are surprised at how much better their brand can be when they step into the minds of their target audience rather than their own. Even something as simple as using orange in an Aggie-owned and operated company can end up making a drastic difference in their industry" - Jason Arcemont
The Challenge

Ranch Hand dominated Texas, Oklahoma, and Western Louisiana in grill guard sales. However, with little to no exposure in other states and no marketing tools like brochures, collateral, and branded trade show exhibits for the sales team, Ranch Hand was not gaining traction fast enough on a national scale.

The Strategy

BrightBox introduced a secondary branding strategy that appealed to a national audience:

  • Executed brand mapping process to determine direction for website and logo design. Through this process, BrightBox learned that Ranch Hand’s western-themed logo did not appeal to consumers in other parts of the country
  • Added warehouse images to the website after learning close rate was 65% when potential clients visited their manufacturing facility.
  • Redesigned and organize trade show exhibit.
  • Created a corporate video to educate customers on Ranch Hand’s history and product.
  • Deployed a communication program that would eventually help them break into the greater national market place.
  • Produced a logo that appeals to a national audience by mirroring the tag on Ranch Hand’s products.
The Results
  • Increase in distributor inquiries
  • Positive feedback from salespeople on the marketing tools BrightBox created.
  • Increase in targeted traffic to their booth at SEMA
  • Increase in activity and interaction on social media.
  • Overall greater national awareness of the Ranch Hand brand.