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The Lash Resort

Website design and launch for a beauty storefront specializing in lashes and other spa services.

"We are incredibly happy with how BrightBox redesigned and rewrote our website! We have received amazing reactions from our clients and look forward to working with them again in the future." - Samantha Lewis, Co-Owner with The Lash Resort
The Challenge

When The Lash Resort Co-Owner Samantha Lewis decided she needed to invigorate her budding business, she looked to BrightBox for a brand reboot. The prior branding of the trendy lash extension boutique fell short on exuding the confident, feminine lifestyle that would intrigue potential new customers and keep old customers coming back. The Lash Resort’s previous website was static; when you’re competing with bargain-friendly “nail-wax-facial-lash-anything-you-want cosmetic shops” conveniently located in every shopping plaza, in addition to the do-it-yourself cosmetic market, you must differentiate your service and brand to make it the most desirable option. The Lash Resort needed to motivate customers to pay the bigger price tag amongst a horde of competitors.

The Strategy
  • Used the BrightBox Brand MappingTM system to zero in on the Lash Resort’s unique selling proposition: a total customer experience that includes personalized, professional service and pampering
  • Positioned The Lash Resort’s experience, lifestyle, and know-how as a compelling advantage in its market
  • Developed a new website with a bold, fresh look that conveyed a higher-end boutique feel
  • Built an appointment app and integrated social media into the website
The Results
  • Differentiated The Lash Resort amongst competition as a specialty cosmetic boutique for a particular lifestyle
  • Enhanced user experience through improved functionality of website and appointment service
  • Established consistent branding to cultivate credibility across all channels