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Titan Technologies

Brand refresh helps industrial tool company achieve expansion and acquisition.

"“Titan Technologies took our recommendations to rebrand for a bigger and stronger version of themselves. Building a brand for five or ten years down the road positioned them better for more opportunity and growth in their business." - Jason Arcemont
The Challenge

Titan Technologies was a growing company, expanding internationally and looking to be acquired. They needed to make sure they were projecting the right image to attract M&A companies. Without a sound marketing plan and an outdated logo, Titan Technologies had an opportunity to better position itself as a global technology leader.

The Strategy

BrightBox attracted attention to Titan Technologies with targeted messaging and images:

  • Executed brand mapping process to define marketing strategy and ten year goals.
  • Fleshed out brand images reflective of a global market leader.
  • Crafted messaging that communicates Titan Technologies’ core strengths.
  • Initiated surveys to gather feedback on consumer understanding of Titan Technology’s services.
The Results
  • Gained a better understanding of consumer understanding of Titan Technologies’ products.
  • Drove positive traffic to trade show events.
  • Increased brand exposure across various industries and the M&A community.
  • Titan Technologies was ultimately acquired about 12 months after the rebrand and marketing efforts.