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BrightBox gives every client a holistic approach to business growth through properly implemented marketing solutions, backed by results-driven strategy and strong creative.

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Design Support

Some elephants can draw flowers. We’re like an elephant times a billion. On steroids. And energy drinks.

Lots of them.

Your Best, First Impression

Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” He couldn’t have said it better. Design is how it works. And it works often. BrightBox does not build websites with the intention of launching and leaving them flat for the world to pass them by. We believe in continuous maintenance to every piece of brand collateral and marketing tool to ensure that the brand image is ever-growing, evolving and remaining relevant to the audience at hand.

First impressions are important and too often brands fall flat in appearance, even when the people, products and services behind the name are stellar, first class and a must-have in the industry. We provide graphic design support that renews and revitalizes the look and feel of your brand every month. Like your marketing campaigns, every tool and tactic must be custom-tailored for your marketing objectives. Within brand integrity of course, our design team stretches your brand to evoke the right emotion, maintain integrity and show major depth and reliability to your target audience.

Strategy-Driven Graphic Design

There are always ongoing graphic design needs. From updating print collateral with newer information, jazzing up a new sales presentation or the routine refreshing of your website’s photography and supporting visuals, our designers have your back. You need someone on call who understands your brand and can involuntarily know when something needs to be jumpstarted, reevaluated or spruced up. Always paired with The Brand MapTM’s results, your graphic design support gives you many things including peace of mind. With skilled professionals just a quick call or email away, you’ll have photoshop magic, vector tricks and digital graphics mastery right then and there.

According to the Social Science Research Center, more than two-thirds of all people are visual learners. Your logo, brand photography and graphics must speak directly to the hearts and minds of your audience for your brand to succeed. At BrightBox we’ve produced hundreds of award-winning brands and marketing campaigns. The key to our success is strategy-driven design that appeals to what a brand’s audience thinks and feels.