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BrightBox gives every client a holistic approach to business growth through properly implemented marketing solutions, backed by results-driven strategy and strong creative.

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Direct Mail

Paper covers rock. Rock crushes scissors. Scissors cut paper. But direct mail beats all three — every time.

Targeted Direct Mail

“92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions” (DMR Report). Particularly in B2C markets and other spin-off pseudo-consumer industries, direct mail matters. For better or for worse, you always achieve a reaction from direct mail marketing. Shuffling through a stack of mail, bills, cheap ads and more, every consumer sees yours and reacts. Sometimes with disinterest or sometimes with long-term desire to use your printed piece. More often, however, consumers appreciate and value your direct mail as an immediate communication channel.

Direct mail is ideal for promoting products and services with specials or promotions requiring coupon codes or the physical hand-off from that consumer to your business. This is a highly effective tactic for tracking KPI and proving results. With printed mail as a widely preferred touch point, we value direct mail strategy and build you a campaign that meets predetermined marketing objectives.

We gather and provide you lists of designated zip codes, targeting your primary audience by demographics including age, gender, income levels, etc. By targeting geographically, you can identify how your brand builds momentum in various suburban, local and city-wide landscapes. Strategy goes further to also identify buyer nudges and specific call to actions to ensure that recipients take your piece and immediately convert with commitment.

Mailing Logistics

With all tactics, our team white gloves the strategy, operations and implementation every time. Direct mail is no different. We spec and quote every mailer to support your marketing plan to the fullest. We acquire target lists, secure postage and shipping costs and manage national and regional mailing regulations. Logistics aside, we bring in our collaborative team of strategists and designers to create pieces that make a statement in every mailbox. From paper selections (looking at texture, color and finishes) to messaging (looking at slogans, call to actions and selling propositions), our team uses the same findings from The Brand MapTM that are used to fulfill the execution of every marketing tactic for your brand.