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What Marketing Means to Us

BrightBox gives every client a holistic approach to business growth through properly implemented marketing solutions, backed by results-driven strategy and strong creative.

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Search Engine Optimization

Start your online workout plan. Bulk up your domain and stop traffic with your hot website <body>.

Ranking Higher Above the Rest

Be easy to find. A nice website only makes an impression if customers see it. Unfortunately, most people won’t type your website directly into their browser; they will “Google” what they’re looking for and only visit your site if you show up. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures your brand’s website appears on the first page of big name search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Optimizing websites for search engines requires an understanding of each search engine’s ever-evolving algorithm, the keywords most likely to be used to search for the products and services you offer and clever writing techniques to insert those keywords into your website’s content.

On most projects, the BrightBox team looks at SEO before even creating a website. Within The Brand MapTM, we research industry searches to see how people are finding what they need. We collect data on searches to better position your brand in the market. This gives you opportunity right away to start communicating more effectively to your target audience. The more authority you have with search engines, the higher up you rank in particular search results. For that reason, we also help you integrate multi-dimensional marketing efforts in social media, video, content and more to help push you brand above the rest. Quality and consistency are key with SEO strategy, and our team does it all -- website structure and hierarchy, keyword content placement, video and social integration and so much more. Following a technical checklist, we set up your website for success and then drive results by providing you with ongoing SEO efforts to let your brand be more visible to an untapped market share.

From keeping up to date with the latest algorithm trends to developing consistently fresh content for your company, BrightBox takes every measure possible to ensure that your brand’s website shows up on top when users search for the products and services you sell.