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What Marketing Means to Us

BrightBox gives every client a holistic approach to business growth through properly implemented marketing solutions, backed by results-driven strategy and strong creative.

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Tracking & Reporting

We’ve got your back, for where you lack we find and track.


For every marketing plan, our strategy team sets designated KPIs (or Key Performance Indicators) that will measure campaign effectiveness. Your KPIs should always mirror your marketing objectives and business goals and should allow our team to show value and growth due to marketing expense. But how do we translate marketing tactics to measurable KPI? Through rigorous and consistent tracking.

There are no smoke and mirrors to marketing--at least not with implementation. What you put in is really what you get, and in the event that you don’t, you rethink, restructure and try, try again. We believe in multi-channel marketing, giving your target audience multiple touch points and greater opportunity for conversion to sale. Upon launching any given marketing plan, we prepare it in such a way that we can precisely and accurately track every tactic to the fullest.

Most digital tactics have built-in tracking features we can use for monitoring like Google Analytics for your website interactivity or Mailchimp’s email blast reporting for campaign effectiveness and conversion. But even through mediums without built-in ROI tracking, we find other ways to show results. Using call tracking or unique domains, we can show validity in conversion from your target audience and their interaction with tactics such as print advertising, direct mail and more.

We believe in testing, and we believe in getting it right. Although we use our acquired and experienced knowledge base across all of our verticals served, there are always certain niches that are uniquely the “wild west” in marketing standards. We A/B test. We analyze. We reevaluate and execute again. BrightBox aims to give you tangible results as soon as possible, showing value in your marketing dollars spent. Results-driven and strategy-focused, we market your brand, products and services with complete care.


Monthly reporting is a staple to every marketing plan we implement. We believe that marketing activity should reflect scope. Big or small, every marketing budget is important to our team because it means you’re making a trusting investment in our expertise to help support sales, drive your brand to market or a combination of the two. We use monthly reporting to prove ROI and to ensure that your marketing strategy is constantly being reevaluated to ensure that the program is on target, staying relevant and growing your brand’s worth.

Never finished, but ever-improving, we execute marketing plans that are results-driven and ROI-focused. Through campaign reporting and analytics from various marketing tools and tactics like your website, email marketing, advertising and more, we show value to your program. KPIs are watched closely, results and shown transparently and between everything from social media to SEO, we continuously ensure growth and strengthening to meet your marketing objectives and business goals.

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