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What Marketing Means to Us

BrightBox gives every client a holistic approach to business growth through properly implemented marketing solutions, backed by results-driven strategy and strong creative.

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Web Support

Energize your website. Give it a shot of Vitamin B. Refresh as needed.

Utilizing Your Website Well

At the dawning of website development, sites were seen as digital brochures. Flat, cumbersome to read on screens and not so effective. We’ve come a long way in the digital age with data-proven and deeply analyzed UI/UX reporting. User experience tells us that the best sites are ones routinely updated, ever-growing and widely connected to multi-pronged marketing tactics. For this reason, we stress often to our clients the importance of utilizing their website well.

Picture this. You’ve invested dollars in the strategic creation of your brand. Following our Brand MappingTM process, you have creative, messaging and now marketing tactics being implemented on a monthly basis. Where is home base for everything? Look no further than your website. For nearly every client, their website overnight becomes the hub for their brand identity. From adding content to switching out graphics, your website should be dynamic, not stagnant. When you routinely improve your website, you generate engagement, leads and conversion.

Ongoing Maintenance

Management of your website and every system within can be tricky and time consuming. When done right, you can rely on our trusted developers to keep your website maintained and well-kept. From monthly technical updates to needs for added security or tracking, our team keeps adding fuel to the fire that is your website success.

We can do simple things like add content or update visuals and photography. We can even do some restructuring like adding pages or forms to increase traffic and conversion rates. From website analytics to teamwork with our SEO strategists, our developers work as your digital partner to keep your #1 brand engine running smoothly, at full throttle, to win business and meet your marketing objectives.

Website Hosting

Many clients reach for a paper bag when asked technical questions about their website. Don’t panic. Just breathe. For BrightBox, we enjoy the opportunity to offer peace of mind with the not-so-easy decisions about your website. We have on-staff systems experts who know hosting platforms like the back of their HTML hands. More often than not, clients request to host their website with us. Happy to fulfill whatever the client’s wishes are, we ask you a series of questions to understand the current situation of what you have and then give sound advice to best support what you need to operate effectively.

Hosting needs to be extremely secure while management needs to be simple. To achieve this, we usually recommend using our proven and well-trusted hosting service. For more complicated or detailed website systems, we have various strategies to ensure your website is setup, running and hosted in such a way that gives you major protection and security and zero managing distress. Our staff will your administrative partner, aiding you every step of the way.