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Alex Oriani

Content Writer

Free-spirited artist. Improv actor. Synthesizing DJ? Alex Oriani is our witty goof, abstract thinker and a BrightBox Content Strategist.

With a Bachelors in English Literature from Texas State University, Alex Oriani has spent his career thus far working as a writer and indulging in the many creative outlets he’s gifted in. By night, Alex plays as DJ, improv actor and more, and by day, he serves as one of BrightBox’s best writers. With a well-rounded knowledge base in writing styles for nearly every major industry, Alex knows how to bring your brand the unique voice needed to capture market opportunities. From short taglines to in-depth reports, Alex takes every task as a new and unique chance to make the difference in your brand positioning.

When he’s not writing for your brand, he’s playing multiple instruments like the clarinet, drums, guitar, bass and synthesizer. With a passion for music and knowledge, Alex rarely sits still. He’s constantly engaging in experimental art, appreciating and playing music and more selflessly serving in the community. Alex values people and creativity. From being a long-term nanny to contributing to a never-ending list of inner loop art projects, Alex is well-connected and determined to make the most of every opportunity that comes his way to influence others positively.