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Amber Arcemont

Accounting Director

Money handler. Wife and mother of four. Quilting extraordinaire? Amber Arcemont is BrightBox’s ATM machine, bounty hunter and Accounting Director.

While most of us get to have face to face exposure with clients or work on creative, dynamic projects, Amber Arcemont does the work not many would want. Balancing the books and keeping the lights on isn’t glamorous or particularly thrilling, but she does it so well--always with a smile and always with a servant’s heart. She’s our debt collector, check writer and bean counter. You’ll probably find her watering everyone’s office plants between calls, emails and trips to the bank making deposits and paying bills for every transaction that goes through our doors. She does it with a great smile and obligation to help support her husband, Jason, and the rest of the team to create this thing we call BrightBox.

Amber knows how to kick it in high gear at the office in professionalism and productivity, but she’s herself the most when she’s spending time with her family, jamming out to Prince or Queen or discovering the latest murder documentary on TV. Beating to her own drum, with a no-nonsense attitude, Amber is extremely down-to-earth, generous to a fault and a joy to work with, day in and day out.