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Working as one

Daniel Cohen

Lead Content Strategist

Content king. Walking, talking dictionary. Abusive keyboard typer? Daniel Cohen is BrightBox’s wise counselor, eureka generator and Lead Content Strategist.

Built from stacks of education and experience alike, Daniel Cohen’s close connection to academia is not to be taken lightly. His analytical mind matched with his friendly smile cocked to one side is unforgettable. Get him in a brainstorming session and just watch the shock-and-awe ideas and conceptual fireworks fly. Master of messaging and process, Daniel brings a long standing reputation in education from his degrees in Communications (Public Relations) and Political Science. He’s an expert writer, and his keyboard can testify to his constant, passionate typing–day in and day out. If Daniel’s not sharing an inquisitive idea or rattling off some stream of consciousness, his identity’s been stolen. Ignite Houston organizer and volunteer for Legacy Health Centers, Daniel also takes stock in giving back to the community, prioritizing the people and places he associates with home.

Daniel’s come a long way in his life journey from once falling in love in a Bedouin tent in Israel to currently balancing work, family and so much more with excellence. Game changer and brilliant thinker, Daniel exceeds clients’ expectations regularly in hitting the brand bullseye. Strategic and thorough, he reinforces what BrightBox stands for, solid partnerships that exist to build better businesses and brands.