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Eric Siebrecht

Branding Specialist

Tchotchke maestro. Giveaway guru. Food fanatic? Eric Siebrecht is BrightBox’s promo peddler, private investigator and Branding Specialist.

With strong opinions on chicken, chocolate and barbecue, Eric Siebrecht is everything but ordinary. As a noted lifelong student of marketing and advertising, Eric genuinely cares about fulfilling the wishes that clients never knew they had. He exceeds expectations by bringing the latest and greatest in promotional and specialty products with custom branding. Following a family line of marketing professionals, he has had promotional product and marketing experience across 6 of 7 continents, excluding Antarctica--but there’s still time!

Eric is a member of Promotional Products Association International and prides himself on being able to source anything for any client, always leading in innovative solutions to make a statement. Whether it be for tradeshow giveaways or customer and staff gifts, Eric knows what works across various industries and for different target audiences. Around the office, he’s known as our in-house private investigator from his innate ability to research and find information on anything we need. Eric has a knack for fact finding, and it’s a resource we greatly value. With a love for Baja California and a passion for food, Eric also makes a mean margarita. Cheers.