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Isaac Serrano-Sandoval

Sr. Web Developer

Supreme coder. Systems engineer. Star Trekkie. Isaac Serrano is our in-house Geek Squad, server gatekeeper and a BrightBox Web Developer.

The silent executioner of the office, Isaac Serrano brings fast programming and web development skills to nearly every facet of the company. He has a wide variety of skills across numerous web platforms. With degrees in Systems and Systems Administration, he comes from a background in corporate systems, finance and entertainment sectors. From jumping through technical hoops to troubleshooting some of the most difficult IT-related hiccups, Isaac always aims to please and never comes up short.

Although he has over 20 years of development experience under his belt, he knows how to play hard too. When he’s not working, he loves to travel with his wife, watch movies (but never horror) and dabble with the 4 full data servers he has at home. He has his certification with Microsoft Servers Administration and a major fan of sci-fi game changers including Star Trek and Doctor Who. Isaac is a loyal team member who brings technical expertise perfect for problem solving in the wild world of web.