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Jason Arcemont

Principal Owner

Motivational speaker. Serial entrepreneur. Sax player? Jason Arcemont is BrightBox’s fearless leader, Principal Owner and Lead Brand Strategist.

With over 15 years of business development, brand strategy and marketing implementation, Jason Arcemont has seen it all. Winding down a path of successful long-term client relationships, a strong reputation particularly in the B2B space and a continuous progression as a leader in Houston branding and marketing, Jason has a tall stack of experiences that make BrightBox extraordinary, including his creation of our proprietary Brand MappingTM process. He has worked with some of Houston’s largest private and public companies, always building power brands that set audiences into action.

Through his solution-driven mindset in and outside of work, he’s led dynamic teams, mentored many marketing professionals and never ceases to make time to be a servant leader too. He currently serves on the board of Resale With A Purpose, Love146 and National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals of Houston; Jason also created and ran the Texas Freedom Run in October 2014 (over 30 marathons in 30 days). Personal ventures aside, Jason thrives most when he’s spending quality time with his wife, Amber, and their four children. From his days as Eagle Scout, Taekwon-Do champion and believe it or not, flower shop owner, Jason is a superior example of hard work, relentless discipline and a passion for people, growing businesses and sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience.