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Kristen Symmank

Graphic Designer

Strong communicator. Crochet queen. President of the Lisa Frank Fan Club? Kristen Symmank is our rebel princess, exclusive straw drinker and a BrightBox Graphic Designer.

With a BS in Mass Communications (Advertising) from Texas State University, Kristen Symmank is an out of the box thinker. With wild ideas and only few inhibitions, she values criticism and enjoys pushing the envelope on how we collaborate and critique our work. This trait is tremendously influential in bringing the best in design and creative branding. She has noted her passion for design as something she couldn’t live without--the view of the giant screen and the feeling of a wireless mouse in her hand’s grip.

Kristen’s love for art didn’t start in school though, but rather as a precocious little girl and the wonderment that sidewalk chalk brought her to pass the time. From there, she’s come to love painting (particularly on glass), crocheting ‘til the cows come home and circulating hair colors. She’s currently a member of Netflix and Pinterest and enjoys the professional growth they bring her. Kristen is a great team player who communicates and finds ways to bridge strategy and execution in every project.