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Mallory Bourgeois

Graphic Designer

Dog lover. Patron of the arts. Walking monogram? Mallory Bourgeois is our print enthusiast, LSU Tiger and a BrightBox Graphic Designer.

With a BFA in Studio Art at Louisiana State University, Mallory Bourgeois came to BrightBox with lengthy experience in sports and athletics design. She is devoted to graphic design and art in general, always discovering new ways to improve communication through visual expression. Mallory engages strongly into her work, thinking with a strategic mind to meet clients’ needs head on. She is passionate about her creative gifts and loves sharing time with the people most important to her; notably her mother with her monogram machine and her circle of loyal friends.

While most of her work at BrightBox might often be digital, she is a letterpress freak who prints her own little projects here and there. When she’s not blazing through her never-ending to-do lists at work, you’ll catch Mallory reading a book, playing with her two canine kiddos or connecting with some classical art piece. But don’t let her soft and laid back side fool you. She’s a 13 year veteran of competitive cheerleading. Mallory boasts never having broken a bone. Good for her.