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Simone Jackson

Project Manager

Advice giver. Sassy life coach. Miss Sparkle? Simone Jackson is our process superstar, timeline enforcer and a BrightBox Project Manager.

With an unmatched ambition to succeed and support the team, Simone Jackson started out with her Bachelors in Marketing & Hospitality at Stephen F. Austin State University. Since then, she’s had diverse, hands-on experience in health and wellness, oil and gas, real estate and hospitality sectors. Member of American Marketing Association Houston, Simone doesn’t miss a chance to shake hands and network with industry leaders and peers. She values the constant relationship-building, always with a smile from ear to ear and a bubbly personality to match.

Her expertise in business operations, retention management and operational design makes for a tremendous lead on large projects. Detail-oriented, she takes every project as an opportunity to help grow businesses and brands that exceed client expectations. While she loves to cater, shop and more than anything, spend time with her two children, Simone doesn’t live life without laughter. With a unique love for fashion, dogs and Batman, she brings a lot of life to our team and works every project with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.