Diverse Strategy Wielded Through Multiple Verticals

From one vertical to the next, BrightBox brings the cutting edge angle to brand marketing across a diverse array of industries served.

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The “More Common” Marketplace

For the general public, the Business-to-Consumer (or B2C) market is the most well-known and familiar vertical we serve. B2C marketing is something everyone interacts with on a daily basis at some capacity, whoever and wherever you are. Within this vertical, BrightBox strategy centers around common themes of product branding, strict campaign advertising, and a stronger “why”. These concepts are, generally speaking, not proprietary, but how BrightBox approaches them certainly shouldn’t go unnoticed. We know exactly how relevant the B2C vertical is for everyone.

In an ever-growing digital age, we all experience consumer brands that connect with us  emotionally on unique levels to help promote a stronger “why” than their competitors. With constantly shifting demands, heavy competition in most cases, and an infinite list of B2C categories, BrightBox acknowledges this vertical’s power of influence and also recognizes its common themes. While this category includes a very broad range of businesses, the principles remain the same.

Consumer Mind Reading

Because the B2C space is the most diverse vertical we serve, it provides our team with the greatest potential for new challenges and exciting discoveries. No B2C business is exactly alike, which means we must pair relevant, proven strategy with expert gut and grit to pull off campaigns and launches that make statements, masterfully promote brands, and at the end of the day, bring our clients results at every turn.

To get to this unique blend of strategy and intuition, we are continuously growing and shifting our knowledge of consumer habits, buying trends, and brand loyalty across various niches within the B2C space. Use of mobile for online shopping might be on the rise today, but sure enough, tomorrow will bring new innovation, changes in consumer demands, and the inevitable call for our team to transform marketing programs to meet consistent change.

What makes BrightBox special in the B2C environment is that we do not take the responsibility lightly or frivolously. We know what makes consumers tick; for toothpaste, tacos, and everything in between. The act of finding a stronger “why” is the same no matter what. Hitting the bullseye on that unique and compelling reason for why a consumer should choose your brand over another is our aim. Fortunately, we’ve got great hand-eye coordination.