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Health & Wellness

The Duo-Toned Industry

The Health and Wellness sector is anything but flat. Multi-dimensional and multi-layered, this vertical has some of the most delicate communication needs. This marketing strategy must be authoritative but also empathetic, scientific but also compassionate. It’s a consistent tug-of-war between the head and the heart with every line of communication, every visual presented, and all levels of interaction between a business and its audience. Credibility and relatability are equal priorities in this space, as a brand’s impact alludes to trust and security.

For this very reason, having two tones throughout every marketing tactic is key. Establishing them both as created equal and equally present across every deliverable ensures that your brand, products, and services are communicated clearly and holistically. There must be a compelling emotional sell to every proposition, but if it’s not stacked with technical reasoning and proven practice, the audience will flee the scene and find your brand non-credible. With a sound blend of intellect and emotion, Health and Wellness clients gain access to top-notch brand marketing and strategy that is results-driven, ROI-focused, and anything but boring.

A Multi-Layered Audience

Most verticals have generally one target audience (and rarely, some smaller subsets that aren’t too far from each other in communication tactics). Not Health and Wellness. In this industry, you face not one wall of skeptical clients, but two. Hospitals, vet clinics, spas, and other medical facilities alike are not successful without a mixed marketing plan for two audiences.

Whether you’re a network of large hospitals or a small, local pet clinic, you have to market as a B2C company as well as a B2B company. You have to appeal to your more general public of everyday men, women, and children needing your healthcare, treatment, medicine, and wellness services. But you also have to market to inter-industry professionals and contemporary stakeholders like physicians, vendors, community organizations, and investors.

Particularly in the animal space, vet hospitals and clinics have a stigma of outdated practices that make terms like innovation, state-of-the-art, and leaders of the industry unfathomable. This becomes a very obvious barrier in effectively marketing to general consumers. You see this also in the human space of private practices, spas, and boutique wellness centers that all face complacency with the perceived standard of care. Limited by their own lack of dissatisfaction with the status quo, these brands become difficult to market.

BrightBox knows how to overcome industry limitations, stigmas, and the emotion-logic pendulum of the Health and Wellness sector. We have proven success in this space that has brought ROI to clients in tangible ways. When marketing truly improves the life of brands in this space, the industry makes progress, complacency is broken and lives are changed.