Diverse Strategy Wielded Through Multiple Verticals

From one vertical to the next, BrightBox brings the cutting edge angle to brand marketing across a diverse array of industries served.

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The Rules of the Game

At BrightBox, we know the ins and outs of how to win work, retain business and prove ROI in the Infrastructure sector. So much of this industry centers around processes and procedures that are much more rigid than other verticals we serve. The importance of the RFQ/RFP process, multi-person approvals and stages of business courtship are second nature for our team. We know how to respond quickly to requests for quote, how to properly communicate objectives and needs and the way to prove ROI on signed agreements.

From multiple board approvals, working within bond-approved budgets and playing organizational politics appropriately, our team exceeds client expectations every time. We go over and beyond to prove value and execute with excellence with the common goal of building better communities in every infrastructure-related project.

Building Better Communities

We have worked with city municipalities, government groups and bureaucratic agencies on multiple brand projects and marketing campaigns. With vast experience in wastewater, telecom, public communications and enterprise sectors, our team knows the vitality of said areas of business. We know that at the root of every Infrastructure client, there is a common goal–to build better communities. Be it city-wide or for any given neighborhood, these businesses are what connects, strengthens and promotes progress and prosperity.

BrightBox partners with businesses and brands to help push initiatives and grow programs. We act as an extension of your team and work closely to help meet all business goals and marketing objectives of your organization. Bringing top tier strategy and a wealth of applied knowledge, we lead in rolling out marketing plans and campaigns that create lasting results.

Critical Marketing & Communications

Unique to Infrastructure clients, there is a separate profile for how most communication must be handled. From a marketing perspective, public relations and community reach are invaluable to the success of promoting initiatives and programs for various national, regional and local projects. In more ways than one, BrightBox understands the critical communication that must occur when marketing to this vertical’s target audiences.

Crisis management and general public communications surrounding safety, legal and political topics are well-versed among our team. We know how to strike with effective and correct messaging that meets the needs of our clients in times of crisis or particular importance. We know that with this sector especially, heightened brand exposure is achieved through driving perception into the minds of the target audience. Our strategy team leads first class marketing plans to meet unmet needs, track designated KPI and bring results to every client.