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From one vertical to the next, BrightBox brings the cutting edge angle to brand marketing across a diverse array of industries served.

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Always Striving to “Do Good”

BrightBox has a decade of building powerful brands and implementing first class marketing campaigns. We could easily tout our Brand MappingTM process, our industry awards and of course our impeccable team. But with complete pride and confidence, we can proclaim that BrightBox would not be what it is today without our unique caliber of clients. Hard working, dedicated and passionate people who are fighting everyday to make a difference, create new products and services and live out the American dream of economic prosperity and better quality of life. Our Non-Profit clients promote that spirit like no other, and we are proud to partner with said teams, brands and businesses to make a difference in the lives of others. We are thankful for the opportunity to support philanthropic organizations and proud to stand behind valiant efforts to improve the lives of those in need—in Houston, across America and overseas at large.

The Same Tools & Tactics

From our well-versed work in the Non-Profit sector, we have discovered something that is remarkably misunderstood. Charitable organizations rarely approach business strategy, much less branding and marketing, in the same way as any “for profit” company. But why? At BrightBox, we believe that the same tools and tactics should be used to convert target audiences to take action. While you may be wanting to raise funds rather than sell widgets, you still will succeed from traditional marketing practices and through implementing digital campaigns for various brand goals. Your marketing objectives may vary from brand awareness, promoting initiatives or events and fundraising, but the road map to success is no different than any other vertical we serve.

The predisposition for Non-Profit clients to shy away from bold visuals, direct messaging and business-minded marketing is unsettling. This market is saturated with charities and do-good organizations that want to rally behind causes to make radical change but don’t present themselves as powerful influencers. Having a professional and mature brand does wonders with your audience’s willingness to support your mission. At BrightBox, we make it our goal to elevate the look, refine the voice and reconfigure the strategy of Non-Profit brands. Always led by our top-tier strategic team, we create, develop and execute The Brand MapTM through plans that meet KPI and exceed your marketing objectives.