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From one vertical to the next, BrightBox brings the cutting edge angle to brand marketing across a diverse array of industries served.

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Know-How

It is no surprise that Oil and Gas has put bread on our table for many years. It has been a consistent gift and exciting challenge to work in this space and continue to push the envelope in Oil and Gas branding, marketing and strategy. With our business more central to Greater Houston, you would be hard-pressed to find an agency with our history that hasn’t touched Oil and Gas. However, not many agencies can tout our deep ties to this industry at every level, land and sea.

BrightBox understands the volatile nature of the Oil and Gas market and doesn’t shy away from the ever-changing state of it all. We have experienced firsthand as partner to dozens of large industrial clients who are needing extensions to their teams to better position themselves among competitors and to global target audiences. In a landscape of major headlines of mergers and acquisitions, downturns and big booms, we embrace this rollercoaster of opportunity for our clients and ourselves. We stand firm in the belief that every Oil and Gas company benefits from a polished and professional brand image to attract and capture business opportunity.

Marketing Is Key

Oil and Gas exists as Houston’s largest B2B industry, and this poses some unique realities for branding and marketing companies within this space. More often than not, KPI is undefined and unrepresented. BrightBox strives to traverse the agency perception of Oil and Gas by creating strategic solutions for this industry that helps outline ROI transparently. In this vertical, your business needs to be “first in mind”, particularly in upturn seasons. Your sales departments need support, tools and tactics to help sell your products and services in a more dynamic and valuable way. And thirdly, you need heightened brand awareness to capitalize on relationships within the industry to gain validity and trust from competitors, vendors and customers.

Custom & Full Service Support

Through our partner tradeshow and exhibit company, ShowBox Exhibits, we have a well-connected relationship with Oil and Gas leaders and influencers. From serving clients at nearly every tradeshow, we know what it means to build polished brands with full service tools and tactics in tow. We do it all. Conference strategy, booth design, video production, print and digital collateral. You name it. We have skilled staff members in technical writing, an unmatched network of industry contacts and first class marketing strategy. Upstream. Midstream. Downstream. It doesn’t matter. We know it all and look forward to elevating your brand to “first of mind” of your target audience.