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From one vertical to the next, BrightBox brings the cutting edge angle to brand marketing across a diverse array of industries served.

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Professional Services

Supporting the “Support Services”

Professional Services, in many ways, represent the true spirit of what BrightBox does and why we do it. In this vertical, BrightBox has the honor to work with a wide array of companies, small and large, working hard to support other companies. From large corporations to solo startups, we work with the visionaries and servants of tomorrow. These are the people that offer support services to companies on the front lines of their respective industries. Much like marketing, these brands exist to partner with companies to better fulfill their secondary business activities. These include accounting, operations, investing, staffing and more. They bring innovative solutions and much needed process to the business world and beyond. But even these brands need our help.

From a background of supporting our clients vigilantly, we value and respect this vertical for putting in their blood, sweat and tears to help grow other peoples’ businesses as well. Sharing this passion to see businesses succeed creates a unique synergy and opportunity for greatness. We partner with you to identify what makes your brand different. In a definite “me too” market, your competitive advantage cannot go unspoken on any marketing piece. Since we share in your experience of support services to larger clients, our business development and strategy team also helps you define pricing strategy and appropriately build you a marketing plan that makes sense for proper growth without sinking the boat.

More With Less

In this vertical, more often than not, there are several stumbling blocks that make marketing no so easy. With a lack of sales people usually, Professional Services companies have difficulty launching major marketing campaigns and require a more low key approach. Through grassroots marketing and other more inventive tactics than traditional campaigns, BrightBox aids these partners in support services with branding and marketing strategy that brings them to their target audience. With most services of this industry being intangible to their benefactors, we understand the need to clearly communicate what you do. In detail and with undeniable reason, we engage the right marketing plan to your target audience.

Our clients in this vertical include a rare and resourceful band of entrepreneurs, strategic thinkers and educated go-getters. For that reason, we know what makes you tick. And we know what gives you the thrill of a lifetime. We strategically reinforce principles of The Brand MapTM and put in a place a marketing strategy that will measure unique KPIs and prove a valuable return on your investment. From an agency with humble beginnings ourselves, we appreciate what you do and share in your calling to share a wealth of knowledge and grow businesses.

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